Karatsu Kunchi Festival

The Karatsu Kunchi Festival is an annual autumn festival of the Karatsu Shrine. It is held for three days from November 2 to 4 every year, and fourteen hikiyama or giant floats race through the streets bravely while shouting "Ennya, Ennya". The biggest highlight of the three-day festival is the Otabisho Shinkou, held on November 3rd. When the clock hits noon, it is time for the popular Hikikomi event, in which the huge floats are pulled to the Otabisho in a sandy area, while pulling the wheels from the sand to place the floats to a prescribed position.


Saga International Balloon Fiesta

Saga International Balloon Fiesta is one of Asia's largest hot air balloon events that is held at the beginning of November every year in a riverbed along the Kasegawa River in Saga Prefecture.
Although the first event held in 1980 was participated in by only fourteen hot air balloons, nowadays, over 100 hot air balloons take part in the Saga International Balloon Fiesta.
The event's nigh mooring show, the La Montgolfier Nocturne, displays a hundred of hot air balloons being fired by burners creating a magical spectacle in the night sky.


Arita Ceramic Fair

The Arita Ceramic Fair is one of the representative ceramics and pottery festivals held during the Japanese Golden Week Holidays (a succession of holidays from April 29 to May 5). Every year from April 29 to May 5, ceramic enthusiasts from all over Japan gather in Arita, a ceramic village in the tranquil mountains, and the town instantly becomes bustling with visitors.
More than 500 shops line the main street that stretches for about 4 km from JR Arita Station to Kami Arita Station.

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