Rich food culture

Soul Food of Hakata

Fukuoka’s fish market has one of the largest catches of any in Japan.
You can enjoy fresh and delicious fish caught nearby in the Genkai-nada Sea that faces the city. One of Fukuoka’s culinary delights is eating Hakata(Nagahama)ramen noodles, famous throughout Japan, at a yatai where you can hear the local Hakata dialect spoken. A little known fact about Fukuoka is that it is also the birthplace of Japanese udon noodles. A monument at Jotenji Temple in Hakata ward states that it is the birthplace of udon and soba noodles in Japan. Fukuoka is a leading Japanese center of cuisine where you can enjoy diverse food from all over the world. Visitors from all over Japan and the world will undoubtedly be supremely contented with the city’s magical and delicious food culture.
Seafood in Fukuoka is all fresh and cheap as the town is facing the sea! You can try many types of seafood and fish and compare the taste! There are many sushi restaurant serving fatty fresh seafood and Izakaya where you can enjoy gomasaba(mackerel seasoned with soy sauce and sesame), one of the specialties of Fukuoka!

Hakata Ramen is widely known as the specialty of Fukuoka. It features a richly flavored white pork bone soup and thin noodles. It is common to order a noodle refill(kaedama)in Hakata to enjoy the leftover soup. Ramen is the perfect dish after drinking.

Ramen at Yatai

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