Saga Beef

Saga Beef is one of the highest graded types of Japanese Wagyu in the country. Saga cattle are carefully bred, head by head, following a long-nurtured breeding method that matches the climate of the Saga area and is characterized by secure feed, mild climate, pure air, delicious water and overall, a rich natural environment that contributes to its excellent quality. The 'Saga Beef' brand has a meat grade of 4 or 5 and is a brand that has been awarded only to the super premium marbled meat with marbling greater than (BMS) No. 7. Lovers of Saga Beef come from all over the world just to savour this reputed brand meat.


Takezaki Crabs

Takezaki crab is a nickname for a type of blue crab called Gazami. Growing over 30 cm in size, male crabs taste best in summer, while female crabs taste best in winter. Delicious dipped in vinegar-soy sauce or eaten with the unique sauces made by the various restaurants, Takezaki crab can be enjoyed in many forms, including miso soup, zosui and croquette, however, if the crab's inherent flavor is to be enjoyed as is, boiling it in salt is definitely the way to go. The resulting subtle sweetness is unbearably good.


Boiled Tofu in Hot Spring Water

Hot Spring Tofu is a dish cooked in the hot spring water of Ureshino Onsen and is a flavor unable to be experienced anywhere else. The alkaline in the spring water is effective on the brine of the tofu, creating a smooth, silky taste sensation. Hot Spring Tofu can be enjoyed in a hot pot dish together with meat and vegetables, or eaten as is garnished with spring onion or bonito flakes.
Popular as part of a typical Ureshino Onsen breakfast, this dish is pleasingly healthy. Hot Spring Tofu is a delicacy which allows your body to enjoy Ureshino Onsen from the inside too. It has even made an appearance in the gourmet manga "Oishinbo" and is famous throughout Japan. Hot Spring Tofu is sold as a set available for delivery which includes the tofu itself, water from Ureshino Onsen, garnish, sauce and so on. Do give it a try!

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