Glamping at the Nordisk Village Goto Islands

Experience Nature at its Finest on the Goto Islands

The Perfect Getaway Destination

The Goto Islands (literally meaning five islands) is the perfect place for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. It is surrounded by gorgeous beaches with crystal clear turquoise blue water and soft white sand. Spend the day exploring the hidden trails and taking part in the water activities such as kayaking and snorkeling. At night, glamping (aka glamorous camping) is the perfect way to relax and experience nature with luxury together on a quiet campground surrounded by mountains.

In addition to its beautiful landscape, the Goto Islands is also steeped in history; most well-known for its Hidden Christian sites (registered as UNESCO World Heritage in 2018) during the ban on Christianity in Japan from the 16th to 18th century. For those that love traditional Japanese-style architectures, the Former Goto Lord’s Residence and Garden will definitely not disappoint. If you want to escape from the crowded big cities, this would be the perfect place for a weekend getaway trip.

The view of Takahama Beach
The view of Takahama Beach

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