Yanagawa Canal Runt Tour

Real Japan,Fukuoka -Yanagawa Canal Punt Tour

Yanagawa Doll Festival “Sagemon Tour”

Take a leisurely ride on boats called "donkobune" through the canals that crisscross the city in grids.The average trip takes about 70 minutes to travel approximataly 4 kilometers.Enjoy a different view of the town from the water.

Yanagawa Doll Festival 'Sagemon Tour'
Hina dolls and colorful Sagemon ornaments are displayed.

Conveying the elegance of a castle town, families in the Yanagawa area have a tradition of decorating the rooms of their daughters with “Sagemon” to celebrate her first Doll Festival. Sagemon are small good-luck objects like temari balls, birds and sachets made from colorful cloth that are strung on a cord and hung from the ceiling. Homes celebrating their first Doll Festival are just one of the many sites visitors are free to enjoy as they walk around the area during the Doll Festival between March 1 and April 3.

*Highlights: “Living Dolls on Water Parade” on the third Sunday in March; “Memorial Service for Dolls to be Discarded” on the fourth Sunday in March; “Floating Doll Festival” on April 3.

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