Seaview from Nokonoshima

Beautiful neighboring island

About Shikanoshima Island

Fukuoka is not only about dining and shopping but also, you may be surprised, there is plenty of nature to enjoy within day-trip distance from the city. There are particularly two recommended places: “Nokonoshima Island”, only 10 minutes away by ferry, offering a rich nature environment, and the land-tied “Shikanoshima Island” also being a favored destination to explore its historical myth and folklore. This guide introduces the features and attractions of these Hakata Bay islands, and will help you enjoy them to the fullest. Nokonoshima is an island with a circumference of only 12km which is about a 10-minute ferry ride from Meinohama ferry port in Fukuoka city. The island attracts visitors with its seasonal flowers and spectacular ocean vistas.

Located just at the shoe of the Hakata Bay, “Shikanoshima Island” is connected to the Kyushu mainland by sandbank. From the mainland, the sandbank provides easy access by car, railway and bus (via Umi-no-nakamichi), and ferries from Hakata Futo. It is an ideal destination for a short trip to explore the abundance of nature, beautiful scenery as well as some historic sites of old shrines and stone monuments.

Shikanoshima beach
Katsuma Beach in Shikanoshima Island

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