Tochoji temple

Hakata old town

Tochoji temple

Hakata Kyushigai(Old Town) prospered as the hub of Hakata, which was the largest trade port city in Japan during its Middle Ages (around the late 11th to the late 16th centuries). As a testament of this past, this area exudes the history, tradition, and culture of the era.
Visiting this area will make your travel experiences in Fukuoka more profound; stroll down peaceful streets lined with historic temples and shrines, visit the lively shopping arcade, appreciate the traditional craft and performing arts of Hakata, and experience the lifestyle and culture of the festival-loving locals who are known as Hakatakko.

The Fukuoka Great Buddha enshrined at Tochoji Temple is Japan’s largest wooden statue of a seated Buddha at 10.8 meters in height. The statue’s nimbus features two rows of 7 and 13 Buddha images, with a further 5,000 small Buddha images on the wall to the back, creating a very impressive presence. There is also an opening in the base of the statue representing the path from hell to heaven. The pathway inside, decorated in “hell picture scrolls”, leads into darkness. If one uses the handrails to proceed further, they will find an image of heaven at the end bathed in a subtle light. It is said that touching the Buddha ring mid route will enable one to enter heaven.The temple also boasts other attractions that evoke a sense of both distant and recent history, such as the unique revolving hexagonal hall and the five story pagoda completed in 2011 after 37 years of construction.

Tochoji's buddha

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