Unzen Hell

A Walk Through Volcanic Hell

Unzen Jigoku (Unzen Hell)

Located within Japan’s first national park, Unzen Hell is a natural volcanic area where steam and hot springs are constantly pumping out from the ground. The combination of white steam and the smell of Sulphur will accompany you throughout the entire walk at Unzen Hell. For adventurers, you can also join the night tour and get a different view with exclusive sounds that you can only hear at night.

In the neighboring town called Obama, it has Japan’s longest hot foot bath with a picturesque view of Tachibana Bay, all for free! At the place next to the hot foot bath, you can also choose the ingredients of your choice such as fresh seafood, meat and produce, and steam it over natural hot spring for the mouthwatering flavors and juicy textures.

Hot Foot 105 at Obama Town
Hot Foot 105 at Obama Town

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