Sushi SoejimaNew entry in the guide鮨 そえ島

  • one star
  • Quiet comfortable
  • No smoking area
  • Counter dining
  • Reservation required
  • Open Sunday
Sushi Soejima

Run by a husband and wife team, this restaurant has just eight seats at a counter. The chef serves snacks and nigiri with an extra touch. Dried fish seasoned with soy sauce and uni risotto featuring a generous portion of uni are the standard shuko. Original touches are added to the toppings to make them one with the vinegared rice, such as butterflying the prawn and cooking the boiled anago in white soy sauce to bring out its flavour.

Opening hours, last orders
Dinner = 17:30-22:30
Annual and weekly closing
Closed Monday
Dinner = ¥11,000
2-6-34 Minoshima, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

* This content is based on the information when “MICHELIN GUIDE FUKUOKA SAGA 2019” was published.

* The information is reproduced from the Michelin Guide. Please contact the facility directly for more detail.

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