Chiso Nakamura馳走 なかむら

  • two stars
  • Comfortable (more pleasant if in red)
  • No smoking area
  • Private dining room
  • Counter dining
  • Reservation required
  • Interesting sake list
Chiso Nakamura

Kaiseki cuisine is served here, adhering to tradition but with original touches. The set menu incorporates plenty of seasonal ingredients like domestic matsutake, Echizen crab, fugu and saw-edged perch. Other highlights are the deep-flavoured nimono soup and seasonal hassun. Also popular is the rice cooked in an iron pot. Designed by an architect from Kyoto and based on the style of a tea ceremony house, the interior space is marked by beauty of style.

Opening hours, last orders
Lunch = Tuesday-Saturday 11:30-14:00
Dinner = 18:00-22:00
Annual and weekly closing
Closed Sunday and Public Holiday Mondays
Lunch = ¥11,000-27,000
Dinner = ¥17,000-27,000
2-10 Tsumashoji, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

* This content is based on the information when “MICHELIN GUIDE FUKUOKA SAGA 2019” was published.

* The information is reproduced from the Michelin Guide. Please contact the facility directly for more detail.

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